November 2013: Dili, East Timor

Animatism Exchange and Exhibition opening

ANIMATISM’s first project iteration goes off in Dili. Street art, theatre, percussion, projection, large-scale installation, live tattoo, breakdancing and comics deliver a significant event of collaborative new works.  

February 2013: Dili, East Timor 

Flight Project Begins

The Flight project commences in February, drawing Chris Parkinson, Amanda Haskard, breakdancer JJ Richardson and musician and producer Bryan Phillips into growing partnerships and exciting new works with Timorese counterparts in East Timor.  

January 2013: Melbourne, Australia

Gil and Iliwatu come to Melbourne for SIGNAL workshops

Arte Moris director Iliwatu Danebere and senior student Gil Valentim participate in SIGNAL 37, the City of Melbourne's two-week intensive youth art workhouse.

Press: The Age, Jan 19 2013: Bringing light and colour to East Timor's dark times.
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June 2012: Dili, Gleno and Maliana, East Timor

Myths and Murals Project Commences

MYTHS AND MURALS commences, coordinating the delivery of 4,000 copies, in Tetun, of The Boy and the Crocodile to schools and libraries across East Timor and paint murals in East Timor and Australia. The legacy of the project is seen through a series of collaborative murals painted with communities across the country and in Australia. 

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June 2012: East Timor

The Boy and the Crocodile book launch in East Timor



Affirm Press engage Arte Moris and children from the Familia Hope Orphanage to illustrate the children’s book, The Boy and The Crocodile based on a myth central to East Timorese identity.

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May 2010: Melbourne, Australia

Alfe, Etson and Xisto come to Melbourne for the launch of Peace of Wall: Street Art from East Timor 



Three artists, Alfeo Sanches, Etson Caminha and Xisto da Silva, from Arte Moris, exhibit new works and paint in Melbourne lanes as part of the launch of Chris Parkinson’s book, Peace of Wall: Street Art from East Timor.


Press: SBS News November 20, 2010
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