The dance of Animatism is embodied through the explosive release of emotion that is breakdancing. The dance is ever adapting, yet ever resilient as it stands as a universal expression of collaboration and identity.

August 2014: JJ Richardson discusses the importance of Dance

After his two trips to Dili with the Animatism project, JJ Richardson discusses the program he's implemented in Dili with the Endure crew. 

Endure Dance Battle (video)

We'd been chatting with the Endure crew about interesting locations to shoot a dance battle - we were searching for something that would have cultural significance and symbolise a new and independent East Timor.  We were lead to the beach, to the local river bed, and then finally - within the decaying walls of Dili's architecture - the old Portuguese offices left abandoned and destroyed after the Indonesian occupation.   

November 2013 Endure Dance crew Slow motion montage (video)

A montage of Endure's dance performances in through the trip in November, set to music recorded with East Timorese students mixed by Bryan Phillips.

November 2013: Animatism Break dance battles

November 2013: Dili Beach Breaking

February 2013: Flight Project

American Breakdance instructor JJ Richardson worked with several Dili dance crews.